A photo of Ryan Lacon wearing glasses and a sweater.

I'm Ryan Lacon, a developer and UX designer based in Philadelphia, PA.

After graduating with my M.S. in UX Design from Jefferson University, I wanted to advance my studies and enrolled in a coding boot camp at Penn LPS. I've always loved coding and design because it agrees with my analytical mindset and satisfies my craving to solve problems with technology.

I'm currently seeking new designer/developer roles. I'd love to work on a collaborative team, with plenty of opportunities to keep learning about all things code & design!


UX Research

Competitive analyses, surveys, user interviews, and wireframes are some of the techniques that help me get to the root of the problem. I always ensure the design process is strategic and addresses all user needs and business requirements.

UI Design

My design background has made me grow attuned to crucial design elements such as typography, information architecture, and color theory. I strive for all my designs to look visually pleasing and ensure they communicate information accessibly.


I can bring your products to life with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. My close attention to detail ensures your sites and applications are identical to the design specifications, work functionally, and fully integrate with the backend.